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The Amazing Spaghetti

Magician Dan Freed (The Amazing Spaghetti – Magician & Entertainer) has been making kids laugh and have a blast non-stop since 1994. He is a full time professional children’s entertainment specialist. He is also a professional fine artist specializing in original paintings and drawings and custom portraits http://danieljayfreed.com . Dan is also a member of popular local improv comedy group Better Than Bacon: http://www.betterthanbaconimprov.com/It-s-BACON-.html

He is married with 2 kids and moved to West Chester PA in 2014. He has full liability insurance and is vaccinated. He has a current PA state teachers license, and that means he has cleared all federal and state background checks.

Picture of Dan Freed, The Amazing Spaghetti, entertaining kids with his comedy.
Picture of Dan Freed, The Amazing Spaghetti, entertaining kids with his comedy.
Picture of Dan Freed, The Amazing Spaghetti, entertaining kids with his comedy.
Picture of Dan Freed, The Amazing Spaghetti, entertaining kids with his comedy routine.
West Chester Life Magazine

Magazine Interview

West Chester resident Dan Freed, also known as The Amazing Spaghetti, moved to Pennsylvania in August 2014, but his career has had a long and storied past.

Freed went to art school in Columbus and after graduating in 1990. He started out doing quick caricatures at a summer-long festival in Columbus. From there, he started doing caricatures at private parties. Soon, requests for other artists started pouring in, so he started booking them, as well.

His business took an interesting turn when he realized people were confusing his advertisements of caricatures for costumed characters. Among requests were Barney and Power Rangers.

“So, I thought, why not book them as well?” he said, recalling his decision to start a family-oriented agency in Columbus for the next decade. “Early on I figured that I could do clowning as well or better than the people I was booking, it seemed fun, and I’d make more money, so I taught myself how to do that and was successful.”

He also started performing as various characters such as a cowboy sheriff, pirate and superheroes. He also did comedy surprise telegrams as a variety of characters, like the grim reaper.

“That got to be too much with everything else I was doing so I just started to perform as a magician only (The Amazing Spaghetti),” he said.

He later started a party equipment rental business, renting moon bounces, dunk tanks and more. He even had a retail costume and magic shop, all at the same time. When that got to be a bit too much in 2005, he closed up shop and moved to Eugene, Oregon., as a part of a transfer at his wife’s place of business. She was transferred again in 2014, and the family now lives in West Goshen.

“As the Amazing Spaghetti I do any combination of comedy magic for kids of all ages and families, ventriloquism with cute animal puppets, balloon twisting, caricatures for parties and events for adults or kids, and a little game leading” he said. “I do company picnics, birthdays, festivals, etc. I do entertainment for any kind of event in nearby areas.”

We asked Dan a few questions about the experience of being a children’s entertainer. He was kind enough to answer them, as well as provide us a photo gallery.

West Chester & Chadds Ford Life: Where did you come up with the name and concept for the Amazing Spaghetti? Was this always your stage name, or is this recent?

Dan Freed: I changed to The Amazing Spaghetti around 16 years ago because I wanted a silly but memorable name that kids would like. It’s a silly take-off on those old school magician names.

WCCFL: It seems as though you’ve done this in many different areas throughout your career. Could you differentiate between the various places you’ve worked? How is living/working in the Philly area different than Columbus or other places you’ve lived/worked?


Freed: I started doing gigs around 92′ in Columbus, then moved to Eugene Oregon in 05′ for my wife’s job, then moved here in August, also for my wife’s job. Eugene had a small town feel though the county has around 250,000 people. I had a fair amount of work there, but not as much as Columbus or here. Eugene was a smaller less populated market, and wasn’t as into hiring entertainers as much as the other markets. In Oregon I traveled a lot, doing the bigger gigs up to 2 hours away such as in Portland, Salem, etc. Here I don’t need to travel as much, I find enough work within 35 minutes of West Chester, I do lots of parties in West Chester, Exton, Chester Springs, the Northern part of Wilmington DE, etc.

WCCFL: What’s the most special/best part of your job?

Freed: Getting kids to laugh a lot and experience the fun of in person entertainment. Kids are so plugged in to electronics and high-tech animated movies but they don’t experience high quality live entertainment enough – it’s a whole different experience. Kids love those Pixar movies, and they are great, but they aren’t going to laugh nearly as much and have as much fun as seeing a good interactive entertainer for kids.

WCCFL: What do you do for fun?

Freed: I do oil painting for fun http://danieljayfreed.com . I also frequently perform with professional improv comedy group http://bettertanbaconimprov.com It’s similar to Who’s Line is it Anyway. We have regular shows at the Uptown! theater in West Chester and the Kennett Flash.




What Our People Are Saying

“Dan was terrific. His magic was funny and entertaining, his balloon tricks were great…..I would recommend Dan for any event. Fun!”

Crystal, 4/17/2010, Birthday party

“Dan performed at our granddaughter’s 6th birthday party. He did an excellent job. All of the kids, and the parents too, had a great time. Consider him for your next party.”

Robert, 4/10/2010, Birthday Party

“He is truly AMAZING! The Amazing Spaghetti did a wonderful job with all of the Kindergarten Students at Guy Lee Elementary School. “

Nicki Gorham, Principal Guy Lee Elementary School


A mix of silly comedy magic, cool magic (for older kids & adults), talking puppets (ventriloquism), gags & more.


Strolling close-up magic (kids love it) before or after a show, or often I combine it with caricature drawing.


Non-stop laughter & amazement! The show can be combined with quick caricature drawing and/or strolling close-up magic.


Party caricatures are a lot of fun! A great customized permanent gift for all your guests - Kids & Adults.

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Available in Chester County PA, Delaware County PA, and parts of Main Line, Northern Wilmington DE, and nearby areas. Not available in Philadelphia or New Jersey.

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