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Picture of Dan Freed, The Amazing Spaghetti, entertaining kids with his comedy routine.
Picture of Dan Freed, The Amazing Spaghetti, with his puppet.

Don't just get a magician, get The Amazing Spaghetti !


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Multi-Talented Extra-Funny Magician for Kids & Families Featuring Any Combination of magic & puppet shows, strolling close-up magic, and caricatures.

Picture of Dan Freed, The Amazing Spaghetti, entertaining kids with his comedy routine.

You could get a magician, a caricature artist or a game leader, or you can get The Amazing Spaghetti!  Yes, he does all that!





Picture of Dan Freed, The Amazing Spaghetti entertaining kids

Options for your Event

I customize what i do for your event. I can do any combination of Magic & Puppet Shows, Strolling Close-up Magic, Caricature drawing and game leading.


For any event, I can do a really funny, high energy interactive magic & ventriloquism show for children of all ages or the whole family. The show can be 15-45 minutes long. It’s not just magic, I also do ventriloquism with cute animal puppets, gags, etc. I can perform in most spaces indoors or out. I perform for audiences of any size. The show can be geared just for kids, or i can do a family show for all ages.

Caricature Drawing

Everyone will be entertained AND all of your guests can go home with a caricature drawing – a great party favor and memory of your event. I’m very fast on the draw – I draw 15-20 people an hour in B&W on 11 by 14″ paper. I make it fun and funny – people love to watch.

Caricatures are a great option instead of, or in addition to face painting or balloon twisting. Caricatures tend to be faster than balloon twisting and face painting, and are permanent. Balloons pop a lot and fall apart, especially at outdoor events, and face paintings get washed off. Many clients have me combine caricatures with a show and/or strolling close-up magic. I’ve been entertaining people as a professional caricaturist for 30 years. I bet I’ve drawn 100,000 people (but I haven’t been counting!).

Hourly rate, no charge per sketch. Click here for more information.

Strolling Close-Up Magic

I perform magic up close and personal with your guests by strolling through the crowd or going from table to table, entertaining small groups of 1-8 people at a time. It’s highly interactive and a lot of fun. Your guests will be volunteering and helping with most of the tricks. I entertain most groups for 3-6 minutes at a time and move around as needed. This is perfect for kids of all ages, and adults too. One advantage of strolling magic over balloon twisters & face painters is that there is no long line of bored kids waiting their turn. Additionally, it’s more entertaining than balloon twisting and face painting!

Sometimes I even mix in some strolling ventriloquism – the cute animal puppets chat and interact with the kids.



The most common thing I do is one or two 30–45-minute family-oriented stage shows, often combined with strolling close-up magic or caricature drawing for a few hours. It’s up to you, please call or email, and we’ll figure it out!


I can do caricatures and/or strolling close-up magic. When do caricatures, clients tend to have me for 3 -4 hours, drawing couples, kids and families. Sometimes clients want me to focus on entertaining the children only, so I combine strolling close-up magic and caricatures just for them. Sometimes I do a 30-45 show for the kids also, though that can get noisy so it would need to be done in a separate area.

Company Picnics

What I’ll do at your picnic just depends on what you would like, how many guests are there, and whether you have other entertainment there. For smaller picnics with about 20 kids, if you have me for 2 or 3 hours, I might get time for 3 or 4 activities. For large events, I could just concentrate on 1 or 2 activities such as a magic show plus caricatures. I often try to take about 10 minutes to do parachute games for kids because it’s such a great activity for picnics. I can easily and quickly move from activity to activity as needed.

Open Houses – Grand Openings – Trade Shows – Meetings

I can do caricature drawing and/or strolling close-up magic. This can be for the adults or I can concentrate on just entertaining the kids. I’ve done these activities at all kinds of places such as large and small retail stores, offices, malls, convention centers, car dealerships, etc. It works out very well and helps bring people to your event.

Get THE Amazing Spaghetti for your Next event

For any occasion in Chester County PA, Delaware County PA, Main Line, Northern Wilmington DE, and nearby areas.

Featuring any combination of: Comedy Magic & Puppet Shows for kids or the whole family, Close-up Strolling Magic, Quick Caricature Drawings, & Game Leading.

He is the only kids entertainment specialist in PA that can combine all those activities into one event – you don’t need to get multiple entertainers to have a variety of entertainment.

Of course, for many events he is asked to do only one kind of activity, such as only caricatures for a company picnic. It’s up to you. He can easily and quickly switch from activity to activity as needed. He can entertain even small groups of kids for hours.


“Dan was terrific. His magic was funny and entertaining, his balloon tricks were great…..I would recommend Dan for any event. Fun!”

Crystal, 4/17/2010, Birthday party

What a wonderful experience. Mr. Freed was positively the hit of the party!!!
We highly recommend him for all children’s parties and adults….He was great! Thank you for making our event a success!

Eleanor B.

“What a fantastic thing you do!!….He was just perfect and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone! “

Denise L., Fall Creek Nursery

“The 20 five year olds at my party were not only entertained, they were literally in stitches throughout his entire show! All the other parents said they could wait to hire him for their kids’ upcoming birthdays. I’ve seen a lot of children’s entertainers (I even used to be one myself), and he is clearly the best one out there…..entertaining, witty, and funny for both kids and adults! Do your party a favor and hire him!!!!!!!”

Jaime M.. 3/21/15, Birthday Party


A mix of silly comedy magic, cool magic (for older kids & adults), talking puppets (ventriloquism), gags & more.


Strolling close-up magic (kids love it) before or after a show, or often I combine it with caricature drawing.


Non-stop laughter & amazement! The show can be combined with quick caricature drawing and/or strolling close-up magic.


Party caricatures are a lot of fun! A great customized permanent gift for all your guests - Kids & Adults.

Let's get started!

Available in Chester County PA, Delaware County PA, and parts of Main Line, Northern Wilmington DE, and nearby areas. Not available in Philadelphia or New Jersey.

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