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PRESCHOOL & SUmmer camps shows

The kids at your preschool, elementary school, summer camp or library will have way too much fun if you invite popular local children’s entertainment specialist The Amazing Spaghetti (Dan Freed) to do a show!

The shows are usually 45 minutes long, but can be shorter or a little longer if you would like. They are customized to the age group, and feature a mix of comedy magic, cool magic (for groups with older kids), cute talking animal puppets (ventriloquism), gags, etc. The kids will pretty much laugh non-stop and have a blast. The show is very interactive, getting all the kids involved, and has several kids being the star magicians assistant.

The shows can be done in any type of space, indoors or out, for any size group, from 10 to 1000.

Filmed at a preschool in West Chester PA in 2015

Fees & Schedule

Most 45-minute preschool shows are $280-$320 depending on location. Most summer camp shows are $300-$375 depending on location, size of group and performing conditions.

You may reschedule or cancel if needed due to your Covid policies, weather, etc. Mr. Spaghetti is vaccinated & has full liability insurance.

Dan is also available to do magic or cartoon drawing workshops. The workshops can be 1 session or multiple sessions.

“What a fantastic thing you do!!….He was just perfect and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone! “

Denise L., Fall Creek Nursery

“He is truly AMAZING!
The Amazing Spaghetti did a wonderful job with all of the Kindergarten Students at Guy Lee Elementary School. He created balloon animals and hats for children while incorporating comedy into his routine. I would highly recommend him!”

Nicki Gorham, Principal Guy Lee Elementary School

“Where, you might ask, can one find such fun and varied summer activities such as swimming in giant underwear, raccoon slicing, and free bubble gum? Well, today these and more were experienced by 111 (coincidentally, also the decibel level achieved during peak excitement) — 73 kids, 38 adults — rip-roaring and ready summer readers at Bethel Branch Library. The Amazing Spaghetti was a masterful comic, and perfect for the 5-12 age group.”

-Chuck, children's librarian, Bethel Library


A mix of silly comedy magic, cool magic (for older kids & adults), talking puppets (ventriloquism), gags & more.


Strolling close-up magic (kids love it) before or after a show, or often I combine it with caricature drawing.


Non-stop laughter & amazement! The show can be combined with quick caricature drawing and/or strolling close-up magic.


Party caricatures are a lot of fun! A great customized permanent gift for all your guests - Kids & Adults.

Let's get started!

Available in Chester County PA, Delaware County PA, and parts of Main Line, Northern Wilmington DE, and nearby areas. Not available in Philadelphia or New Jersey.

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